One-Page websites

Less workload, more content, maximum impression

Totally user friendly and with an excellent no-nonsene approach. That's exactly what your target audience expects when visiting a one-page website. We spoil visitors with a smooth and clear design that invites discovering your product or service.

A one-pager serves all the information on one page, allowing to scroll the entire content. No clicks are between the visitor and their destination. But it gets even better. For artists, for example, we can enhance the page with a social feed. No extra work, our feed loads it's content from existing social media channels. A one-pager is absolutely maintenance-free.

Companies are discovering the value of a one-pager too. A product launch, an event invitation, a subscription form. A full-fledged website for a friendly budget.

One-Page websites

The smartphone generation knows how to scroll. A one-pager adds a trusted feel to it.

Social Feed

Content with no extra work? With our social feed we display posts from your existing social channels.


From a full screen image to a subscription form. Fits all content.

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